Evaporation Equipment

Advantages of our evaporators

Over 20 years of accumulated experience in the design and manufacture of evaporation systems, which can quickly determine problems in the operation of the evaporation system, and has a database of hundreds of materials in practical operation.

The professional personnel and R & D team of the evaporation department have complete plate evaporation plates, which can meet the process needs of different industries.

Product series, three series of rising film, rising film, and falling film gather together all the advantages of all evaporation forms, and obtain different experience data in different industries, which is the most advanced and complete in the evaporation field. Professional company.

Product process diversification: multi-effect evaporation system, TVR evaporation system, MVR evaporation system, MVR + TVR evaporation system, flash evaporation system, falling film evaporation system, forced circulation evaporation system, evaporation crystallization system, plate and column mixing Nearly ten kinds of processes, such as evaporation system and cross-flow evaporation system, can meet the needs of different processes and different customers at any time.

The evaporation plate type has a veneer area from 0.25 ~ 2m2 to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Semi-welded plate evaporator plate type, large laser welding automatic loading and unloading mold removal, leading technology, to solve the problems of expensive equipment and untimely services for you due to evaporation equipment accessories.

In the starch sugar industry, the plate evaporation system has a large market share. It is a well-known brand in the refined sugar market at home and abroad. It has extensive overseas project experience and has already served evaporation system project experience for many countries.

The design process is compact, and the energy saving effect of the system is more significant than similar products. And each system has 3D drawings.

Experienced on-site commissioning and after-sales service personnel system, VIP high-quality customer system, 24 hours after-sale guarantee.

There are agents overseas, in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, North America, etc., to provide you with after-sales service at any time.

Under normal use, the wearing parts seals can last up to 10 years.

successful in various industries

GOJE evaporators has been widely used in the fileds of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, papermaking, sugar industry etc. And also is the most ideal solution for process requirement.

Sugar Industry

Juice and Drink

Pharma and Chemical

Water Treatment

Herb and Extract

Salt and Alkali