MVR Multi Effect Evaporator

Brief Introduction

mvr multi effect evaporator

Technical Feature

The evaporation system uses single or multi-stage MVR compressor to recompress and raise the temperature of the final effect secondary steam of the multi effect evaporator as the heating source of the first effect evaporator. The system is suitable for the concentration of low boiling point materials, and can use smaller steam compressor to reduce the cost! At the same time, fresh steam can be added into the primary effect unit to obtain additional evaporation capacity, and the energy consumption is only that of the multi effect device

Performance Analysis

When choose an evaporation equipment, the main following incidents are normally considered, such as space saving, energy saving, construction cost, production speed, operation difficulty.

Energy Saving
Space Occupation
Construction Cost
Production Speed
Operation Easiness

Some Classical Processes

mvr multi effect evaporator process