Advantages of plate evaporator

Advantages of plate evaporator

working principle:
The S series plate evaporator of our company is specially customized for evaporation. It has three inlets and three outlets, including two small inlets for feeding, one large inlet for heating steam, two small outlets for discharging condensate and one large inlet for discharging steam and concentrate. See Figure 1 for details. Our plate evaporator} uses the concept of plate group. Each plate group is composed of plates welded together in pairs. The heated steam condenses in the welding channel, while the product evaporates in the channel sealed by the gasket.

Figure 1

Why use our plate evaporator?

High heat conduction efficiency
The special corrugated embossing produces high-intensity turbulence, and the heat transfer coefficient is greatly improved compared with the traditional shell and tube evaporator. The plate evaporator of our company is particularly efficient when dealing with products with high concentration and high viscosity. It can work when the temperature difference is only 3-4 ℃. It has great advantages when used in , TVR , and , MVR , systems.

Cost savings
Due to the high heat conduction efficiency, compared with the traditional shell and tube evaporator, this means that less heat exchange area is required. Therefore, it is very economical, especially when new materials such as {SMO, titanium, nickel and nickel based alloys are needed. In addition, compared with shell and tube equipment, our plate evaporator is compact and flexible, which greatly reduces the transportation and installation cost. At the same time, the high-intensity turbulence in the whole plate not only reduces scaling, but also makes chemical cleaning more effective. Compared with the shell and tube type, due to the less retention, the target cleaning effect can be achieved with little detergent. The plate evaporator} adopts flexible design. Just remove the fastening bolts and loosen the compression plate, the heat conduction surface can be easily inspected and cleaned by mechanical methods.

Easy to expand
The plate evaporator of our company has a very popular feature: it is necessary to increase or reduce the capacity, just add or remove the plate group within the existing frame. This is a great advantage over shell and tube evaporators, which have a fixed capacity when installed.

Improve product quality
Very low retention means that almost no product is retained in the plate evaporator at any given time. The product stays in the evaporator for a short time, which is a great advantage for heat sensitive products. It also supports fast startup and shutdown with little energy waste.

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