Baffle type steam separator

Baffle type steam separator

Soda separator is used to separate gas and liquid machine, at present, its steam system separator mainly has three kinds, they are respectively: baffle type, steam spin type and adsorption type. The main difference is that the baffle separator can maintain a very high separation efficiency when the flow velocity range is large, while the other two separation efficiencies can only reach 98% when the steam velocity is less than 13m/s, otherwise the efficiency will be very low. The working principle of baffle type soda separator is as follows:


Pic 1: baffle type soda separator

As shown, baffle type steam separator is mainly made up of multiple baffle, the fluid inside the separator change flow direction for many times, due to the suspended droplets of water quality and large inertia, when encounter baffle change flow direction, the droplets can accumulate on the baffle, reduce the water droplets kinetic energy, causing most of the water droplets gather, the last fall to the bottom of the separator, through the trap. Instead, dry steam is vented around the baffle.

Studies show that the baffle separator in the steam flow rate between 10m/s and 30m/s, the separation efficiency is close to 100%, so the pipeline is small, or the steam flow rate fluctuation is large separator with baffle separator is more appropriate. Therefore, in some non-critical occasions, baffle separator can be selected according to the size of the pipeline.

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