Correct selection of high efficiency plate heat exchanger

Correct selection of high efficiency plate heat exchanger

In order to ensure that efficient plate heat exchanger can be purchased, certain methods need to be mastered when selecting.

The skill of type selection calculation

The plate type or corrugated type shall be determined according to the actual needs of the heat exchange occasion. When the flow rate is large and the allowable pressure drop is small, the plate type with small resistance shall be selected, while the plate type with large resistance shall be selected. According to the condition of fluid pressure and temperature, decide whether to choose detachable type or brazed type. When determining the plate type, it is not suitable to choose the plate with too small single plate area, so as to avoid too many plates, too small flow velocity between plates and too low heat transfer coefficient. This problem should be paid more attention to for the larger heat exchanger.

Selection of process and runner

A group of parallel flow channels with the same flow direction for a medium in the flow finger plate heat exchanger, while the flow channel is a medium flow channel composed of two adjacent plates in the flow finger plate heat exchanger. In general, several channels are connected in parallel or series to form different combinations of cold and hot medium channels.

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