How to deal with the liquid flow in plate heat exchanger

How to deal with the liquid flow in plate heat exchanger

n the process of using the plate heat exchanger, various problems will inevitably appear. A large part of these problems are caused by improper fabrication, wrong selection and estimation error, and some are caused by the aging of the original parts of the plate heat exchanger.


① Due to the improper selection of plates, the corrosion of plates produces cracks or perforation.

② The operation conditions do not meet the design requirements.

③ The residual stress after cold stamping and the too small clamping size in assembly cause stress corrosion.

④ There is slight leakage at the plate leakage groove, which causes the harmful substances in the medium to concentrate and corrode the plate, forming a liquid string.

Treatment method:

① Replace the cracked or perforated plate, and use the light transmission method to find the plate crack on site.

② Adjust the operation parameters to meet the design conditions.

③ When the heat exchanger is repaired and assembled, the clamping size should meet the requirements, not the smaller the better.

④ The plate material of plate heat exchanger should be reasonably matched.

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