MVR evaporator

MVR evaporator

MVR evaporator is a steam mechanical recompression technology. MVR evaporator is an energy-saving technology to reuse the energy of secondary steam generated by itself, so as to reduce the demand for external energy. The working process of MVR is to compress the steam at low temperature through the compressor, increase the temperature and pressure, increase the enthalpy, and then enter the heat exchanger for condensation, so as to make full use of the latent heat of steam.

In addition to start-up, there is no need to generate steam in the whole evaporation process. The secondary steam from the evaporator is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature rise, and the enthalpy increase, and then sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam to maintain the boiling state of the feed liquid, while the heating steam itself condenses into water. In this way, the steam to be discarded can be fully utilized, the latent heat can be recovered and the thermal efficiency can be improved. In order to make the manufacturing of the evaporation device as simple and convenient as possible, centrifugal compressors and roots compressors can be used. The evaporation equipment is compact, the floor area is small, and the required space is small. For the existing plants that need to expand the evaporation equipment for steam supply, and the site is not enough, especially where the low-temperature evaporation needs chilled water condensation, it can not only save investment but also achieve good energy-saving effect. The MVR evaporator process system consists of single effect or double effect evaporator, separator, compressor, vacuum pump, circulating pump, operation platform It is composed of electrical instrument control cabinet, valves, pipelines and other systems, with simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance.

MVR technical features. MVR energy-saving evaporator only needs a very small amount of raw steam, which greatly reduces the operation cost of the enterprise and reduces environmental pollution. There is no waste heat steam emission, and the energy-saving effect is very significant. Due to the use of compressor to provide heat source, the temperature difference of evaporator is much smaller than that of traditional evaporator, which can achieve mild evaporation, greatly improve product quality and reduce scaling.

Fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable. CIP cleaning pipeline is equipped in the equipment, which can be cleaned locally,
The whole set of equipment is easy to operate without dead corner. Without waste heat steam emission, the energy saving effect is very significant. The evaporator evaporates the material at low temperature and does not produce foam, and the material is uniform, no material running, and difficult to coke. It has better environmental protection and energy saving characteristics.

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