Plate heat exchanger, application introduction

Plate heat exchanger, application introduction

Plate heat exchanger is widely used in many industries, such as chemistry and central heating. Now let’s learn more about the application of plate heat exchanger in various industries.

1. Refrigeration: used as condenser and evaporator. Nowadays, plate heat exchanger is often used in well water refrigeration.

2. HVAC: intermediate heat exchanger used with boiler, high-rise building intermediate heat exchanger, etc.

3. Chemical industry: soda industry, synthetic ammonia, alcohol fermentation, resin synthesis, cooling, etc.

4. Metallurgical Industry: aluminate mother liquor heating or cooling, steel-making process cooling, etc.

5. Machinery industry: all kinds of quenching liquid cooling, reducer lubricating oil cooling, etc.

6. Power industry: high voltage transformer oil cooling, generator bearing oil cooling, etc.

7. Paper industry: bleaching process, heat recovery, heating washing slurry, etc.

8. Textile industry: Viscose alkali solution cooling, boiling nitrocellulose cooling, etc.

9. Food industry: sterilization and cooling of fruit juice, heating and cooling of animal and vegetable oil, etc.

10. Oil technology: soap based atmospheric pressure drying, heating or cooling various process fluids.

11. Central heating: waste heat district heating, heating bath water.

12. Waste heat utilization: the waste water of bathing industry is reused to heat the clean water.

13. Electric boiler heating: electric boiler direct heating, electric boiler heat storage heating.

14. Others: petroleum, medicine, shipping, seawater desalination, geothermal utilization.

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