Plate heat exchanger can not be used

Plate heat exchanger can not be used

1、 It is not suitable to use plate heat exchanger in the temperature range of 250 ℃. The design temperature of heat exchanger mainly depends on the temperature that its sealing gasket can bear. When using rubber elastic gasket, the maximum temperature is less than 180 ℃; If the gasket is made of compact asbestos, the maximum temperature can reach 250 ~ 260 ℃.

2、 It is not suitable for the heat transfer of the fluid which is easy to block the flow channel. Because the plate spacing of the heat exchanger is very small, most of them are 3 to 5 mm, so if there are relatively large solid particles or fiber impurities in the heat transfer fluid, it is easy to block the flow path between the plates.

3、 The standard pressure below 2.5MPa is not suitable for plate heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is sealed by gasket, the sealing perimeter is very long, and the support of the two seals of the corner hole is poor, so the gasket can not get enough pressing force, so the maximum task pressure of the plate heat exchanger at that time is only 2.5MPa; When the area of veneer is more than 1 m2, the standard pressure is usually lower than 2.5 MPa.

Plate heat exchanger in daily use, also need to stop the current cleaning and maintenance processing, to ensure that the equipment can be used for a long time.

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