plate heat exchanger in use how to maintain

plate heat exchanger in use how to maintain

1. When the plate heat exchanger is stopped in winter, the medium inside the equipment shall be discharged to prevent freezing of the equipment. Other anti-freezing measures may also be adopted.

2, the aging gasket should be replaced. When the plate and the sealing gasket fall off, the adhesive in the plate sealing groove shall be washed with thinner. After cleaning, the adhesive shall be coated in the sealing groove with suitable adhesive, and the adhesive shall be firmly bonded again.

3. When assembling/assembling plate heat exchangers, the plates and gaskets shall be kept clean, and the plates shall be placed neatly, and shall be assembled/assembled in accordance with the product assembly/assembling pattern. During compaction, the studs shall be tightly pressed at the corners, and the stress shall be uniform to prevent individual studs from being too tight and damaging the studs and plates.
4. Damaged plates shall be replaced in time. If there is no spare plate, two adjacent plates can be removed if the operation allows (the two plates should not be reversing plates but plates with four holes), and the clamping size should be reduced accordingly.

5. After long-term operation of the plate heat exchanger, scale or deposit will be produced on the surface of the plate to varying degrees, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the flow resistance. Therefore, the equipment shall be periodically disassembled to check and remove dirt according to the actual conditions such as water quality and temperature medium characteristics. Use sodium carbonate solution and brown brush to clean the plate. Do not use metal brushes to avoid scratching the surface of the plate and reducing corrosion resistance. For a small amount of sediment deposition in the channel or debris deposition in the medium, it can also be used for a short reverse operation in the opposite direction to flush out part of the sediment, which also has good effect.

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