Selection skills of plate heat exchanger

Selection skills of plate heat exchanger

The huge and complex equipment market determines that the types and models of equipment are constantly diversified. Take plate heat exchanger as an example, if you want to buy a product with excellent performance, you need to know how to select the type. In order to make you have a clearer choice direction, the following is to introduce the selection skills of plate heat exchanger.

1. Plate type selection

The plate type or corrugated type should be determined according to the actual needs of heat exchange occasions. For the case of large flow and small allowable pressure drop, the plate type with small resistance should be selected. On the contrary, the plate type with large resistance should be selected. According to the fluid pressure and temperature, the detachable type or brazed type should be selected. When determining the plate type, the plate with too small single plate area should not be selected to avoid too many plates, The flow velocity between plates is too small and the heat transfer coefficient is too low.

2. Pressure drop check

In the design and selection of plate heat exchanger, there are certain requirements for pressure drop, so it should be checked. If the check pressure drop exceeds the allowable pressure drop, the design and selection calculation should be carried out again until the process requirements are met.

3. Selection of flow and flow channel

Flow channel refers to a group of parallel flow channels with the same flow direction for a medium in plate heat exchanger. Flow channel refers to the medium flow channel composed of two adjacent plates in plate heat exchanger. Generally, several flow channels are connected in parallel or series to form different combinations of cold and hot medium channels.

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