Several faced critical problems of plate heat exchanger in process operation

Several faced critical problems of plate heat exchanger in process operation

1. Under the condition of pressure, the plate heat exchanger is in operation due to the equipment overflowing medium. It is not allowed to loosen the clamping bolt. When tightening the clamping bolts and nuts of the heat exchange plate, the plate bundle spacing between the two heads should be strictly controlled, otherwise the heat exchange plate or sealing gasket will be easily crushed.

2. The plate heat exchanger does not need to park. When the resistance drop exceeds the allowable value, the plate heat exchanger is in normal condition. The recoil brush has no obvious effect, the production capacity suddenly drops, and the media are in series with each other, or the media leak out in large quantities and can not be controlled.

3. Sort out or replace damaged plate heat exchanger parts.

4. Oil should be added regularly to prevent rust. Plate heat exchanger acts as sliding roller on head. In order to ensure that the disassembly is sensitive and easy to use.

5. It is found that the heat and cold of the plate heat exchanger are uneven, and the plate heat exchanger is in initial operation. It is necessary to check whether it is not completely discharged, whether the heat exchange plate is wrongly added, whether it is blocked, etc., and adopt corresponding effective measures. Otherwise, the aging of sealing gasket will be accelerated.

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