What is Nussle number and how is it calculated?

What is Nussle number and how is it calculated?

The Nusselt number is an important parameter used to describe the heat transfer of a fluid and is often used to calculate the rate at which a fluid transfers heat from one surface to another. Usually, the equation for the Nusselt number involves the characteristic length, which represents the average length scale in the direction of fluid flow and can be used to describe the characteristic scale of the fluid in the heat transfer process.

Determining the characteristic length in the Nusselt formula usually requires consideration of several factors:

1. Fluid flow type: The characteristic length is often related to the fluid flow type. For example, in forced convection heat transfer, the characteristic length is usually chosen as the distance lateral to the fluid flow or the diameter of the pipe. In natural convection heat transfer, the characteristic length is usually chosen as the vertical height or the height of the plate.

2. Flow pattern: Determining the characteristic length also requires consideration of the flow pattern. For example, when the fluid has a large vortex in the flow process, the characteristic length should be selected to a relatively small value; while when the fluid flow is relatively smooth, the characteristic length can be selected to a relatively large value.

3. Calculation methods: Different calculation methods can also affect the choice of feature lengths. For example, when using the factorization-free Nusselt number formula, the feature length needs to be normalized to the diameter of the pipe or the height of the plate.

4. Experimental data: The final determination of the characteristic length value usually relies on experimental data, which can be calculated based on the fluid temperature and heat flow density measured in the experiment. In the experimental design, the differences in fluid as well as surface properties are usually taken into account to derive the corresponding characteristic length values.

Therefore, determining the feature length in the Nusselt formulation usually requires a combination of practical considerations and experimental tuning of the parameters to determine the optimal feature length.

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