What types of plate heat exchangers are often used?

What types of plate heat exchangers are often used?

1.Compared with shell-and-tube heat exchanger, traditional shell-and-tube heat exchanger occupies a large area. While plate heat exchanger belongs to compact heat exchanger according to the amount of heat exchange area in unit space

2.According to the process purpose, there are many different names: plate heater, plate cooler, plate condenser, plate preheater.

3. According to the process combination, it is divided into single-pass plate heat exchanger and multi-pass plate heat exchanger.

4. According to the flow direction of the two media, it is divided into downstream plate heat exchanger, counter-flow plate heat exchanger, and cross-flow plate heat exchanger. The latter two are used more often

5. According to the gap size of the flow passage, it is divided into conventional clearance plate heat exchanger and wide clearance plate heat exchanger

6. According to whether it is a complete set of products, it can be divided into single plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger unit.

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