Why to avoid supercooling in condenser

Why to avoid supercooling in condenser

Further supercooling of the condensate in a condenser should be avoided for the following reasons:

1: Because k-condensation is much larger than k-supercooling, the difference of vapor-liquid density is huge, the conversion of supercooling area and condensation area will cause large capacity change, and the result may be control problem and vibration.

2: as the corrugated form of condenser is not conducive to liquid-liquid heat exchange, the channel between plates is too large, the flow rate is too low, and the K value is too small, resulting in the supercooled area is too large, the flow rate is too low, and the scaling tendency increases.

3: In addition, the inert gas is effectively separated in the condenser and floats on its upper part. The residual of inert gas will reduce the heat transfer coefficient greatly. As shown in Figure 1-1:

To sum up, a good condenser design should be as shown in Figure 1-2. If further subcooling is needed, in principle, an additional subcooler should be added.

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