High voltage electrostatic oil removal device

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1、The performance and principle

(1)Working principle

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The corona wire in working condition is surrounded by a light blue electron halo (R=4-7mm). These high-speed electrons continuously collide with surrounding gas molecules, dust, and tar particles. After being impacted, the gas molecules lose several peripheral electrons and become positively charged groups themselves. Under the action of electric field force, these positron charge groups move rapidly towards the corona wire. If they collide with dust and coke particles during the movement, they will be adsorbed onto the corona wire to form cathode scale, and the dust and coke particles after being collided by electrons become negative charge groups, which accelerate towards the precipitation electrode direction under the action of electric field force.


The charged dust and coke particles undergo variable acceleration motion in a non-uniform electric field, and their time to reach the settling electrode is as long as it is less than the residence time of the exhaust gas in the settling tube to achieve the purpose of oil removal. The directional oscillation time is not only related to the mass and charge of the moving particles, but also decreases with the increase of the secondary peak voltage.


Charged dust and coke adhere to the inner wall of the settling tube through motion inertia. The maximum accumulation thickness of dust and coke depends on the ratio of dust and tar. Due to the high tar content in the exhaust gas, the dust and coke accumulated on the tube wall has a certain fluidity. When the dust and coke reach a certain thickness, it flows into the bottom of the tube along the tube wall by its own weight.


Using continuous and intermittent flushing methods, a continuous flushing tray is installed at the upper end of the sedimentation electrode, and the water film continuously falls to remove dust attached to the electrode. An intermittent flushing device is installed on the top cover of the electric filter to regularly clean the corona electrode.

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(2)Performance characteristics

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UpgradabilityThe equipment comes with a cleaning function, which can regularly clean the body of components such as the initial filter screen, cooler, honeycomb static electricity, and board line static electricity. The modular combination of internal devices can be disassembled, which is not only convenient for daily automatic cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, but also conducive to the maintenance and replacement of later components, with scalability.

Anti electric shock, automationThe safety system is meticulously designed, and when the access door is opened, the high-voltage power supply is automatically cut off, eliminating the risk of human electric shock.The electrostatic power control system can automatically adjust the electric field strength, so that the purification equipment can maintain a high purification rate after long-term operation. The built-in water tank of the equipment can automatically separate oil and water from the collected wastewater.

Efficient and safePower control technology has functions such as effective startup, constant current output, automatic cremation control, power short circuit, power overload, power fault prompt, and protection.The equipment efficiently captures oil particles of different particle sizes, resulting in high purification efficiency. Fundamentally solving the problem of pollution transfer.The equipment comes with a closed-loop fire protection system to prevent situations where the equipment is unable to fire due to water interruption. Steam fire extinguishing and cleaning can also be used, which is safer and more efficient than traditional purifier fire protection.

2、application area

Wet high-voltage static electricity is mainly used for the purification and recovery of industrial high-temperature oil fume exhaust gas. For example, the chemical fiber spinning industry, printing industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, wallpaper industry, etc.

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3、Product display and description

(1)Product Maintenance and Instructions

1/ Material:Stainless steel 210

2/ Instructions for use:a、Cut off the main power , hang a repair sign”No Power Transmission” , and remove the transformer grounding rod for grounding treatment.

b、Disassemble the doors of each insulator room, thoroughly clean the surface dirt of the insulator with a clean cotton cloth dipped in cleaning agent .The insulation value of the high-voltage line to the ground should be tested to be higher than 1000 M Ω.Otherwise, it is necessary to check for foreign objects that make the high-voltage line conductive to the shell. After normal operation, reinstall the maintenance door and restart the machine.

c、Low tank discharge and descaling of static electricity main body: Open the maintenance door, check whether there is carbon accumulation in the static electricity circular tube and pole line. If the carbon accumulation exceeds 3mm, it should be coated with interface activator and strong cleaning agent, and then washed and removed with a high-pressure hot water pump to remove oil stains and accumulated water at the bottom, and revise the cycle.

3/ MaintenanceCut off power and wait for 30 minutes before equipment safety inspections and maintenance. Special personnel are required to wear protection clothing, shoes, goggles, etc.

(2)Product details

*Stainless steel thickened body, strong and durable;

* Equipped with high quality water pump, low noise, pure copper coil motor, long service life;

* Intelligent touch screen for automatic operation;

* Humanized manhole design makes maintenance and inspection more convenient.


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